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New York Times Op Ed Articles

Designhubb's editorial illustration strives to communicate a unique, interesting, and captivating message that contributes to the readers understanding and outlook on an article.
Illustrating for an E-Magazine requires a different approach from printed magazines. Readers will be overloaded with imagery, typography and grids on an editorial website thus a successful illustration will help an article to rise above the others and catch the attention of the viewer.

NY Times OP ED Video - 4.1 Miles

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Many refugees are currently fleeing from Syria, where Russia is intensifying bombings that are killing thousands of civilians and devastating Syrian cities. According to the Greek Coast Guard, thousands of families with children are lining up along Turkish shores to make the unsafe crossing to Greece.

NY Times OP ED Video - "Jay Z - The War On Drugs Is An Epic Fail"

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"Why are white men poised to get rich doing the same thing African-Americans have been going to prison for?" Jay-Z narrates an illustrative video discussing the epic fail of Ronald Reagan's "War On Drugs" that started in the 80's, drastically effecting the people in New York City.

NY Times OP ED Video - "The Price Of Certainty"

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"The more uncertain our world seems, the more we compensate by seeking out certainty." With the United States Government currently in a time of chaos, it's citizens are forced to make frantic judgements about those they elect.