Galvanice: Monthly Beauty Product Subscription

Package Design | Branding

Galvanice is a monthly subscription of beauty products delivered to your door. Each month customer's receive three beauty products hand picked to fit their daily routine, including a product for the morning, mid-day, and night.
Galvanice was created as a solution of designing packaging to work as singular products and as a whole. The first objective was to conceptualize and brand the company. Once branded, the next step was to create products that would enhance a users daily routine with no effort. Delivered to your front door step, each monthly delivery includes three beauty products, a brochure emphasizing the products, and a housing unit.


The creation of a packaging system is a rigorous process and requires countless trial and error. First, researching the brand's competition and similar package design helps to establish a plan. Next the creation of wordlists, brainstorming maps and sketches guide the direction of the package. Furthermore, the creation of package mockups allows decision making on what is successful and what needs to be


The creation of a logo, color palette, modern typeface system, and visual imagery describing the three phases of the day all begin to bring Galvanice to life. These will work together cohesively to create a sleek, modern, beauty product subscription business.

Package Design

Each month, customers who subscribe to Galvanice will receive their monthly box with three products. It will differ in products month to month, customized specifically for each customer. Galvanice boxes include a brochure, usually containing an excerpt with more information or background on the products they are receiving.