Socram Society: Talent Booking Agency

Branding / UX|UI

Socram Society is a music management and talent booking agency in San Marcos, TX. Socram contacts music artists and managers to create and coordinates events. Established and Owned by Brett Hopkin (an electronic music artist known as "Madhatter!") and Fred Flessner, Socram Society is an opportunity come to life. 
Designhubb was chosen by Socram Society to generate required proper branding, website, and app design. These touch points will allow Socram Society to captivate and interact with clients and to recruit/advertise their services to new music artists and managers.


Drawing physical wireframes for the creation of an app is the best way to visualize and organize information, identify hierarchy and rough out the user's flow through the application.


Socram's assets include a logo, a set of icons, business cards, employee's vehicles and uniforms, and merchandise. These establish Socram's image in the EDM music scene, and allow the Socram team to be easily recognized at any event.


The use of custom unique icons, modern san serif typeface, and festival inspired contrasting color palette all anchor Socram's innovative image in the industry. Employee vehicles and uniforms let the public identify a member of Socram Society easily.

App Design

Socram's App allows the fans of sponsored artists to interact with Socram Society through shows. The audience can use the app to earn points before the show by rsvp, retweeting, inviting. Then while attending the show, the audience can earn points by dancing or sharing the show with friends through social media. These points allow them to purchase merchandise, tickets, and more.