Vectron Electric Bicycle

Branding / Responsive Web Design / UX|UI

The Vectron is a Boschpowered electric bike that folds in seconds to transform how you get around in the city.This is a rebrand project of Tern's new electronic bicycle, the "Vektron", including a new logo, visual aesthetic, website and app design.


The new Vectron logo is innovative, represents the sleek feel of the bicycle through letterforms, and guides the path to new and more successful brand standards.

Current Logo for Tern Vektron

Logo Rebrand


Because the "Vektron" kickstarter page and website had extremely nice photographs, these we utilized as assets and used for app and web design. Taking it one step further, we developed an icon system, established a new color palette and typographic treatment.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive website was created to display the Vectron bicycle's features and accessories, sell the bike to customers and display information about Tern and their team.

App Design

Tern Vectron's mobile app allows Vectron riders to create an account, map out routes and track their riding data, and interact with friends and other Vectron riders in the area.