Well... This Is Strange

Book Design

Regardless of medium or particular design problem, Designhubb strives to create cohesive illustration styles among projects. In both editorial illustration and book design the use of micron and watercolors are used to create a light, pastel, humorous experience.
Well… This Is Strange is an illustrative accordion book that provides comical tips and tricks to being homeless in an order structured by the alphabet. The beginning letter that a particular tip or trick starts with determines the order it appears in the book relative to the order of the alphabet.The dimensions of this book were designed to be hand held and easily carried.

Process Work

The creation of book dummies and mockups is crucial to visualizing the flow, structure, and binding of a book being made. Through multiple book dummies, the most successful solution for a concept can be identified before the construction process takes place. This is the time to work out any production kinks that may occur.

Well... This Is Strange

The audience for this book is any reader who enjoys a light, comical illustrative book solely for the purpose of entertainment. The illustrations are hand drawn, loosely colored, and portray overdramatic scenes that demonstrate the life of a homeless man.